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Book Profit (MAT) and Tax Calculator

Book Profit (MAT) & Tax Calculator

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Computation of Tax Liability of Company Assessee
Assessment Year:  
Computation of tax liability under other provisions of the Act (Insert only Income)
Income covered u/s 111A    
(STCG on transfer of shares or equity oriented fund on which STT is applicable)
Long Term Capital Gain (Taxable @ 20%)    
Other Income taxable at Special Rate    
Other Income taxable @ 30% (Domestic Co.) / 40% (Foreign Co.)  
Total Income    
Tax on above before surcharge (A)    
Computation of book profit u/s 115JB  
Net Profit as per Profit and Loss Account  
Add: Amount Debited to the Profit & Loss Account  
Income Tax (Paid or payable)    
Dividend Distribution Tax    
Amount transferred to any reserve    
Provision for uncertain liabilities    
Dividend Paid or Proposed    
Expenses relating to income covered u/s 10 [other than sec.10(38)], 11 & 12  
Deferred Tax (If debited)    
Provision for diminution in the value of any asset    
Less: Amount Credited to the Profit & Loss Account  
Amount withdrawn from Reserve    
Income covered u/s 10 [other than sec.10(38)], 11 & 12  
Amount of depreciation excluding depreciation on revaluation of assets  
Amount withdrawn from Revaluation Reserve    
Brought forward Depreciation (As per books of account)  
Brought forward Loss excluding depreciation (As per books of account)  
Deferred Tax (If credited)    
Profit of sick industry company    
Book Profit u/s 115JB  
Tax on above before Surcharge (B)  
Tax Liability before Surcharge [Higher of (A) or (B)]  
Add: Surcharge  
Add: Education Cess & SHEC  
Total Tax Liability