GSTR 3B Reset Options Enabled


Dear Friends!, today, GST portal enabled the most awaited edit option for GSTR 3B. Now, GSTR 3B which have “Submitted” status (not filed), can be edited.

In the GSTR 3B, liabilities are required to be off set either through ITC or through cash payment. Due to wrong entry, traders are unable to off set the liability. Some of the examples are:

  1. ITC on reverse charge is wrongly entered into Table 3.1 instead of Table 4
  2. Typo error in the data entry which leads to huge liability e.g. instead of writing ₹ 12926.36, in the CGST / SGST / IGST, the amount has been written as ₹ 1292636.
  3. Fails to claiming ITC in the Table 4

Before filing of the return, traders are required to off set the liability. Since, the liability have been increased to many folds due to aforesaid errors, traders are unable to off set the liability and without doing it he was unable to file his return. Moreover, if the taxpayer has not filed his return for earlier month(s), he is also not able to file his return for subsequent months too. That leads to interest and late fees. Though, late fee for the month of July to September has been waived by the Government.

Now these tax payer can be relaxed and rectify his mistakes.

However, GSTR 3B having filed status can not be edited right now. The traders are also demanding the editing of the GSTR 3B which have already been filed.

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